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Most weeks, on Monday, your child will bring home a list of words to learn. These will be in a new style spelling book and your child will have written them in! They will also be available here (in case they are unreadable or they have forgotten their book!).

In their homework book your child should choose at least 5 words and write a sentence that uses this word. Try to encourage them to choose words if the meaning is new to them. Please make sure they write these sentences neatly and with the correct punctuation.

The following Monday they will be tested on these words and will also be given a dictation that uses the words. 

It is important that they retain the spelling so that word is always spelt correctly and not just for the test.

Every so often the children will have a test of all the words to see which they are able to spell and which ones they need to work on. The children will also be expected to always spell correctly the words that have been in previous tests in any work they do.

If you have any queries about spellings please let me know.



Year 2 Spelling and Reading Words

Year 3 Reading and Spelling Words