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Spellings - Summer Term

Dear Parents, 

At this point in the year, we would start working with children individually to see which of the common, exception words from their year group list, they do and don't know, so we suggest that over the next few weeks, you identify and then practice those words that your child is unsure of.

You will find the words below.  (Please note that the Year 3 list is for learning in Year 3 and Year 4, so don't worry if your child seems unsure of quite a few).  

Initially, check that they are able to read all the words on the list, with only very little hesitation.  If there are a few they are struggling with, then focus on learning to read these on sight first.  Then work down the list seeing which words they are able to spell correctly.  Focus on between three and five spellings a week to learn and remember little and often is better than a long session to practise them! 

There are some great ideas further down this page for different ways in which you can approach helping your child to learn these words - choose those methods that seem to work best for them!