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Newton Primary School

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Our science curriculum enables children to develop intellectual and practical skills which allow them to explore and investigate the world around them. Children have opportunities to carry out meaningful investigations, evaluate scientific evidence and present their findings in an appropriate way.

The areas of study are carefully matched to the requirements of the National Curriculum: Life Processes and Living Things; Materials and their properties; Physical Processes.


Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

The order for Science requires children to develop their knowledge of relationships between living things, reproduction, growth and change. Progression is planned for throughout Key Stage I and Key Stage 2 to prepare children for the physical and emotional challenges of growing up.


SRE and Health Education are combined into a programme appropriate to the age and maturity of the children. Questions arise over the primary years as a natural consequence of children’s enquiry. These questions will be answered in the context in which they arise. Towards the end of Key Stage 2 (children aged 9-11) there is a structured programme of SRE . We involve outside agencies including the school nurse and local doctor. The teaching programme is based on the ITV Series ‘Living and Growing’.


We believe that this aspect of the curriculum is a shared responsibility between parents and teachers. All parents will be informed prior to the programme taking place, and have the opportunity to view the material so that they can be prepared for issues and questions that may arise at home.

Science Programme of Study