School self-evaluation is a continuous process which comprises of a number of key components that collect information and evidence about the standards in the school. These are then analysed, collated and the findings are used to appraise achievements and identify priorities to be pursued to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Newton Primary School involves all stakeholders in the school self-evaluation process. Each September a RAP (Raising Attainment Plan) is written which feeds into TOPs (Termly Operational Plans). Targets are derived and actions implemented. As the school year progresses it may be necessary to amend targets inline with the changes in the world of education.


Priorities for improvement 2016-17

School Improvement Plan 2016-17


Priorities for improvement 2015 – 16
Here at Newton Primary School, we believe we consistently operate as a good school and demonstrate instances of outstanding practice. The priority for improvement is to move to the next level offering good or better learning across the school at all time to all the pupils. The school used evidence from its self-evaluation to identify key steps that will move the school to the next level. These are as follows:
1. To raise attainment and accelerate progress for all pupils and challenge more able pupils across all strands of writing with a particular focus on Spelling and Phonics
2. To ensure at least 85% of pupils in each year group are achieving Age Related Expectations (ARE) in reading, writing, maths and science
3. To increase the % of children achieving the phonics threshold at the end of Year 1 from 53%(2015) to 80%
4. To improve learning and teaching that is at least good or better in all lessons and outstanding in 40% of lessons seen
5. To ensure leadership and management of the school leads to improved capacity and sustainable improvements in standards across the core areas of the curriculum
6. To enable governors to continue to challenge and support the school in continuing to drive improvement to provide outstanding provision
You can review the School Improvement Plans for 2015 – 2016 from this page. A synopsis of the School Improvement Plan for parents is also available.

School Development Plan 09-14 to 07-17

Single Plan to raise attainment 2015 to 2016


School improvement journey

Spring Term 2016

Termly Operational Plan Spring 2016

School Dev Plan – Spring term 2015-16 Headlines

Autumn Term 2015

Termly Operational Plan Autumn 2015

School Dev Plan – Autumn term 2015-16 Headlines