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School Improvement Plans 2018 - 19

Priorities for improvement 2018 - 2019
Here at Newton Primary School, we believe we consistently operate as a good school and demonstrate instances of outstanding practice. The priority for improvement is to move to the next level offering good or better learning across the school at all time to all the pupils. The school used evidence from its self-evaluation to identify key steps that will move the school to the next level. These are as follows:

  1. At least 80% pupils (8/10) attain the phonic standard in Year 1.
  2. Pupils entering KS2 who have not met phonics threshold receive daily phonic lessons, underperforming spellers also access phonological awareness sessions
  3. At least 85% of all pupils achieve at least ARE in all year groups
  4. Floor level targets are met at the end of KS2
  5. Ensure the number of pupils achieving a greater depth of learning within age related expectations is at least in line with national comparisons at the end of KS1 and KS2 in R/W/M
  6. End of year expectations in Year 2 are in line with National expectations for pupils working at a greater depth.
  7. End of year expectations in Year 6 are in line with National expectations for pupils working at ARE and ARE+
  8. To enable governors to continue to challenge and support the school in continuing to drive improvement to provide outstanding provision