In the event of bad weather

Please be advised that in the event of bad weather a decision to open or close the school will be taken.

In the case of closure we shall put into operation our emergency contact procedure so that everyone is contacted as soon as possible by text in the first instance.

Due to so many children travelling in by bus we will have to make a decision early on school closure.

Please remember to listen to BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (96.0 FM) for any updates.

A notice will also be posted on the school website if the school is closed.


Absence Requests for Your Child

As a parent or carer you are strongly urged to avoid leave of absence from school during term time. Should this be absolutely unavoidable then you should fill in this form and return it to Reception prior to the absence.


The government implemented new legislation that came into effect from September 2013 which means that Schools may only authorise leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. A parent or carer does not have any right to leave of absence during term time and if your request is refused the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. This could result in legal action being taken or a Penalty Notice being issued by the Local Authority.