The school rules for rewards and sanctions are based upon the following six principles of positive behaviour. The golden rules are displayed around the school for easy reference.

The Golden Rules

  • Be gentle, kind and helpful
  • Be hard working
  • Be careful of property
  • Be a good listener
  • Be honest

Golden Time

Our school week ends on Friday with a 30 minute period of Golden Time when children can choose from a range of activities offered by staff and parents/friends. Earlier in the week the children have chosen from the list of activities.



Children in school are placed into one of the three houses:

  • Emeralds, Sapphires and Rubies

Throughout the school day children earn stars as rewards for good work or good behaviour. Each class has a star chart on which the stars earned are recorded.

When the children have earnt 5 stars they are awarded a housepoint.

Stars can also be earned at lunchtime.

Each Friday those who have earned housepoints are recognised in assembly to receive a sticker.  Children collect their house points on a bronze bookmark. When they have filled this with 10 housepoints they are awarded the Bronze Certificate. They then move onto collecting towards silver and finally gold.

The house point scores are displayed outside the Head Teachers Office. The House Captains are responsible for updating the scores each week.

Certificates Of Achievement

A Certificate Of Achievement is awarded each week to one child in each year for outstanding achievement in any aspect of school life. The Certificate is taken home and a second copy is displayed on the board in the school. Certificates are presented to the children during the Friday afternoon assembly.


If school rules are broken children may be sent to the headteacher where they will be asked to reflect on their behaviour and – where appropriate – write an explanation of their misbehaviour and how they intend to behave better in future.

If the incident is deemed serious enough by the headteacher they shall contact the parents to discuss the incident and a 4W form is filled in. This gives the child an opportunity to account for and reflect on their behaviour and it is then discussed with the headteacher. A copy of this is sent home so that the parents can be informed and become part of the process. Parents are asked to support school by discussing the issues which appear on the letter with their children. Parents then need to sign the slip on the letter and return it to school.

If the incident is deemed serious enough by the headteacher they shall contact the parents to discuss the incident.

If a child persistently misbehaves and as a consequence is sent to the headteacher on several occasions or if the incident is serious enough then it may be necessary at this point to consider Exclusion Procedures.