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Our school day

Newton Primary School day


The school day begins officially at 8.50 am and the children should be at school by this time.


The school is open from 8:40am and children are encouraged to arrive early to settle to an early bird task.


Lessons begin promptly at 9.00 am after registration.


Lateness: the register is closed at 9:15am, subsequent arrival is recorded as an unauthorised absence

and will be shown on your child’s report.


Supervision will be available for the ten-minute period after the end of the afternoon session. Any child

left on school premises after the end of the school day is the responsibility of the parents. In the event

of any difficulty please call the school office as soon as practicable.


Punctuality is very important and with parental support is something we strongly encourage.


Newton Primary School information leaflet for children not collected -September 2021.pdf