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The videos for these lessons should be available on the home learning section of white rose. Some may be in year 5 or year 6 if you are year 6 as we are doing some recap lessons. Worksheets are below and the title should match to the title of the video. 

Maths Details


White Rose Maths whose scheme of work we use in school have created resources to support schools and parents with math while schools are shut. Each lesson has a video to introduce the topic, a set of questions for the children to work through and answers to support you in helping children check their own work. The questions start with fluency questions and then move on to problem solving. The children may find these reasoning questions more difficult as they may need to apply what they know to a context they have not seen before. Please encourage to keep trying and think about the problem in a different way. You could also try reading the problem to them. The year 5 and 6 work is split. Although the work is set up as 5 lessons a week please only complete the lessons below so that we stick together and are in the same place when we come back to school. 

Thanks Miss C