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Newton Primary School

Rooted in love and care


Our aim is to enable each child to become confident and competent in their use of Mathematics. We have a carefully structured mathematics scheme which is used throughout the school. We teach children to choose and make use of the knowledge, skills and understanding outlined in the prescribed National Curriculum areas of study: Number and Algebra; Shape, Space and Measures and Handling Data.


Children will be involved in practical tasks and real life problems. They are encouraged to use structured apparatus to understand abstract concepts and make full use of mathematical games. Great importance is attached to the learning of basic numeracy skills and as children progress through the school they are expected to learn their multiplication tables and number bonds.


Early stages of algebra introduce children to the recognition of symbols and graphical relationships. In data handling they will collect and process information including probability. Children will use two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes linked to their understanding of measurement and location. The correct use of calculators is taught and encouraged.


We use a variety of methods to support our teaching including build it, write it, say it, draw it; and the school is also introducing the Singapore Bar Model.

Mathematics Programme of Study