Alana Brown

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Newton Primary School. The time your child spends in Primary school is the most important as far as education is concerned and here at Newton we aim to promote and develop every child’s potential to the full.

During their time in our school children will cover the foundations of all future education, experiencing many exciting learning opportunities in a calm, disciplined and positive atmosphere. We believe that our children should enjoy their education and develop lively, enquiring minds. The curriculum is designed to be broad and balanced and to present appropriate challenges to meet individual needs. Children go out of school on regular school visits and we enjoy welcoming visiting tutors into school. Our children speak and write well, are confident in numeracy and develop artistic talents and scientific curiosity. They take part in sporting activities and perform in musical and dramatic productions for parents and friends. Our children also care for each other; a quality we value highly at Newton. Children achieve in many different ways and achievement of all kinds is celebrated in our school.

As parents you are our co-educators and we recognise the crucial role you play in helping children to learn. Children prosper in their education when their parents are part of the process and we invite you to be an active partner in your child’s educational development.

We are very proud of our warm and friendly school, in particular the strong partnerships that we have in place between children, teachers, parents, governors and our local community and we aim to create a happy and safe environment where everyone is valued. Together we make our school a centre of learning excellence for all.

We hope that this prospectus will help you to discover more about us. Children have only one chance in education and we want this to be the best. We look forward to working with you.

Mrs Alana Brown – Headteacher