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Week Beginning 30.3.2020


English this week is really simple! I want you to carry on writing your story across this week. Focus on all the things that you know make writing amazing:

  • Clear sentences that makes sense and are of varying (different) lengths; 
  • Fantastic vocabulary including adjectives to describe and powerful verbs; 
  • Dialogue that is punctuated correctly and show us events or the personality of a character; 
  • Grammatical features such as passive (year 6 only), parenthesis and relative clauses (see the Y5 and 6 sections of the grammar dictionary below to remind yourself if necessary);
  • Paragraphs!

Remember to read what you have written back to check for errors and to edit and improve your work at the end. Below are the editing stations we use in class if you would like to use them to remind yourself of the things you need to edit for.