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Final week


We've made it to the last week! Do you remember writing yourself a letter at the start of the year? You wrote to your future self telling them what you were like at the start of September and what you hoped to achieve. I have emailed these to your parents/bubble teachers for you to read. Have you achieved what you wanted to? Have there been any big surprises? Can you see how much progress you have made with your writing and handwriting??


If you want to complete one final task, write a letter back to yourself and let them know what has happened this year!


*There are three of you who missed this activity at the start of the year and will not receive an email. Why don't you try writing a letter to future you for the end of next year? Put it somewhere safe ready to read in 2021!!

Moonwalk tutorial. Thank you Miss Charlotte!

Learn how to do the Moonwalk properly!

For thousands of years stories were told by storytellers, or acted, danced and sung, handed down from one generation to the next. Today fairy tales, folklore, myths and legends have a different place in our lives, but they are still shared between us. Even if these are ‘just’ wonderful made-up stories, they tell us so much about people from the past, about other cultures and about ourselves. We have been learning all about Ananse stories, but that is just the beginning. The link below has a good book list to get you started learning about fables from around the world.

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters - by John Steptoe (Read-Aloud)

If you would like to listen to a recap of the story for tasks 3 and 4, watch the video to jog your memory! DO NOT WATCH BEFORE THEN!

Task 3 Video

This is part one of An Evening with Princess Ayo, a 28 minute showcase of a collection of African stories aired on Africa's Vision Network.