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Click on the link below to find out about your spelling homework this week. Remember to practice, practice, practice. Write your spelling sentences carefully using your spelling words.

Spelling list 10/09/18: peace, piece, weigh, wander, scene, mail, male, eight, flour, stile, place, through

Spelling list 17/09/18: treasure, measure, pleasure, leisure, enclosure, closure, pressure, exposure, unsure, composure

Spelling list 24/09/18:accident, address, appear, arrive, possess, disappear, different, difficult, opposite, occasion

Spelling list 08/10/18:weather, whether, knight, where, wear, main, mane, fought, bury, missed

Spelling list 02/11/18:implant, impatient, inactive, illegible, imperfect, impolite, illegal, illogical, invisible, immortal

Spelling list 09/11/18:parachute, brochure, chalet, champagne, machine, chateau, crochet, chauffeur, chivalry, charade

Spelling list 16/11/18:rough, tough, double, young, enough, cousin, trouble, touch, country, courage

Spelling list 23/11/18:though, through, thought, bough, brought, bought, plough, dough, although, thorough

Spelling list 30/11/18:beginning, breathing, deciding, separating, arriving, continuing, interested, pressured, completed, addressed, promised

Spelling list 17.01.19: cornered, fastened, fastening, forgetting, preferring, they, weigh, eight, grey, sleigh

Spelling list 23.01.19:guide, guilty, quest, guest, guardian, guacamole, guavas, guitar, guess, guards, guarantee, guard

Spelling list 30.01.19:mixture, puncture, nature, texture, picture, temperature, miniature, moisture, adventure, lecture