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Headboy and Headgirl

Each year we choose two children to be our Head Girl and Head Boy. This is a great honour and the announcement is made at our Leavers assembly at the end of Summer term. 


The Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen to represent the school and act as role models for other children. Many things are taken in to consideration when choosing our Head Boy and Girl, including attendance, thoughtfulness and care for others, attitude to learning, positivity and perseverance.


The Head Boy and Girl will help with settling our new EYFS children, leading Harvest festival, playing a key role in our Christmas and Easter celebration, giving out awards in assembly, showing visitors around our school, attending parent consultation evenings, and many other duties. They will wear purple school jumpers so that they are easily identifiable to other children in our school.


During the academic year 2017/18 our Head Girl and Head Boy will be: Olivia and Thomas.

During the academic year 2018/19 our Head Girl and Head Boy will be : Eve and Toby.

A message from our Head Boy and Head Girl...


Hello and welcome to our website, we hope you are well. Because we have been here since Reception, we have had a great experience of all the classes. All the classes each include lovely teachers that support you throughout your journey through primary school. Other than that, it is filled with well-behaved, helpful children that care for each other.


Because we are going to secondary school soon, our teachers are preparing us really well for the new beginning. Other than learning written and social skills, we have learnt life skills that will be very helpful for later life.


The education is great here, and we learn lots of important things every day. Everyone in our school is active, inside and outside of school and we have clubs that lots of pupils go to such as: Kidz Club, Netball, TM Soccer and Golf which keep everyone entertained.


We are happy to be Head Boy and Head Girl at Newton Primary School!